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The above photograph is a a bracelet by designer Norman Grant. His jewellery including vintage earrings, vintage rings, vintage necklaces and vintage bracelets, are very popular right now and the above piece was bought around ten years ago at an Antique Fair in Scotland. To try and find beautiful pieces like this is not easy but if you are on the look out for for stunning vintage costume jewellery:

A few things to keep in mind are


1) Condition - , check out each item carefully. Check for signs of wear and clasps not compatible with the style of the piece.


2) Keep a look out for designer markings such as Haskell, Butler and Wilson, Trifar and Coro.


3) Use a jewellery loupe to get a close up inspection of the jewellery.



Below :1970's Norman Grant Enamel and silver earrings



For further background reading on vintage jewellery, famous designers and eras check out this guide.


Above: emerald paste vintage brooch

I love the detail and craftmanship in vintage jewellery and some of the vintage pieces by top designer names such as Christian Dior are great collection pieces. Not only are they exceptionally well made with beautiful designs they tend to retain their value or increase in value as the years pass. Some stunning Christian Dior jewellery can be found at www.modernvintagestyle.co.uk





Above is a beautiful bezel simple sterling silver and crystal teardrop lariat necklace.

For some examples of original moonstone necklaces, earrings, and bracelets check out the collection of moonstone jewellery at Modern Vintage Style

And for aquamarine necklaces click here .


Below is a beautiful faceted amethyst and sterling silver bezel necklace - see gemstone collections available here



Hi, My name is Ellie and welcome to my website about some of my favourite jewellery design inspirations, my own jewellery designs and some practical jewellery making tips. I love different types of jewellery and have enjoyed collecting quite a large amount of of both modern and vintage style jewellery over the years.



If you are looking for some new ideas for your jewellery designs it is always a great idea to take inspiration from some of the top designer names. The gorgeous rose quartz sterling silver cabochon necklace below is by Danish designer NE From . It is a stunning creation with rose quartz cabocohons and intricate and detailed sterling silver workmanship.


For further information on this necklace see the beautiful vintage necklaces at Modern Vintage Style. They also have some beautiful gemstone and modern jewellery - click here for website.

Top left - simple and delicate necklace from Modern Vintage Style



Ne From necklace - Modern Vintage Style
















Top Left: Delicate and simple gold necklace available here.

Top right: Sterling Silver leaf brooch , available here

Bottom Left: Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelet from Modern Vintage Style

Bottom Right: Modern vintage style



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