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Beginner's Tools

One of the starting  points before getting into a new crafty or hobby is knowing which tools to buy first.

Buying the wrong tool will not only cost you financially but also valuable learning time.

While it is useful to visit the craft/hobby/art stores to pick supplies out in person you can

also visit a number of online webistes  to purchase good craft tools for beginners and

generally the best bargains are to be had online.

These five tools are really useful no matter what handmade jewellery project you are undertaking.

Eventually you will need them all.

5 Best Basic Jewellery Making Tools for Beginners

Wire Cutters

1.  Wire Cutters

Wire cutters allow you to cut , eyepins, headpins and jewellry stringing wire.

Always put the flat side of the wire cutters closest to the work forthe best cut.

Do not  cut memory wire with your wire cutters though as it will most likely  put dents in your cutting edges

making the wire cutters fairly useless. If you are going to be cutting memory wire then it is best to puchase

memory wire cutters. Yes, there is a cutting tool made specifically for cutting memory wire.

2.  Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers, are rounded and great  for making simple loops and other rounded wire elements.

The jaws of the round nose pliers taper towards the point which lets you  position your wire along the jaw to get the exact size of loop that you want.

For a large loop site your wire near the handles and for a smaller loop place your wire more towards

the end tip of the pliers.

The key to making consistent regular sized loops it is to mark the pliers with a permanent marker

allowing you to always place your wire in the same place.

When you are finished with the job simply wipe the marker away with a bit of alcohol.

Chain Nose Pliers

Chain nose pliers are very similar to round nose pliers except that the inside of the jaws are flat.

They are muh  better for gripping wire with their flat surface. I  would

recommend chain nose pliers that are very smooth on the inside so that they don’t mark your wire

like the ridged chain nose pliers do.

Chain nose pliers are ncessary  for opening and closing jump rings or for holding wire.

As with  round nose pliers, they taper towards the tip, which makes them useful for getting into small spaces.


4.  Flat Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers are very similar to chain nose pliers but the jaws do not taper towards the tip.

The wider surface makes it much easier to grip jewellery wire.

Flat nose pliers may not be that essential to a basic jewellery making kit as chain nose pliers but you WILL

need an aditional pair of flat nose type pliers for holding wire while you shape it.

You will  either need two pair of chain nose pliers OR a pair of chain nose pliers AND also a pair of

flat nose pliers.


5.  Crimp Tool

These are also called Crimpers and Crimping Pliers. This tool is used used with crimp beads or crimp

tubes to fix a clasp securely on the end of beading wire or to keep the beads in position on

projects where the wire can be seen  between beaded segments (such as an “illusion” necklace).

The crimp tool has two notche marks in the jaws. Use the first notch

nearest to the handles to slightly flatten and round your crimp bead down onto the wire.

This turns it into a ‘C’ shape . Then use the other notch near the end of the pliers to shape this

‘C’ shaped bead into a round.

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